The Viking Age

c. 790-1066

The late ninth-century Oseberg ship, in the Vikingskipshuset (Viking Ship Museum) in Oslo. Photograph by Ben Allport.

The Old Norse term víkingr referred to a raider, although the term “Viking Age” is used to refer to the time period in which Scandinavians increasingly interacted with north-western Europe through processes of raiding, trading, migration and settlement.


This website is intended as a resource for teachers and students of the Viking Age, all the way from primary schools up to undergraduate level (including GCSE History courses and the OCR A-Level course “The Viking Age”). It covers the history, society and culture of the Scandinavian peoples and their engagement with Britain and Ireland during the period 793-1066. In addition to the pages on individual modules, general bibliographies and sample Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) questions are provided.


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The Viking Age

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