The Vikings in England

Although the Viking Period is often reckoned to span from 793–1066, the raids that characterised it were concentrated in the eighth and ninth centuries. In both Britain and Ireland the raids caused economic devastation and social upheaval. The appearance of the heathen raiders sent shockwaves throughout Christian Europe as churchmen struggled to make sense of what appeared to be divine punishment. Perhaps most significantly, the raids fundamentally changed the political landscape of Britain and Ireland. Old kingdoms vanished and new ones arose to take their place.


The main events of two centuries of Viking activity in England are presented in the following timeline (please note that this may not be fully compatible with mobile devices). Certain key thematic areas are then explored in more depth below.

The Impact of Raids: General Themes
The Raid on Lindisfarne
The Great Heathen Army and the Re-emergence of Wessex
The Viking Age

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