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This website was developed as an initiative of the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge, and was developed by Dr Ben Allport and Dr Jonathan Hui, as we completed our doctoral studies in the department. It is hoped that the site will be of use to those who study or teach about the Viking Age up to undergraduate level, including the units offered by the OCR at GCSE and A-level.  The information is organised into thematic modules, similar to those found in the OCR’s A-level course. Students considering an EPQ or extended essay on a subject of their choice, or simply looking to extend their learning, can also find inspiration and support in the Resources section.

Working on this resource has been a privilege and our thanks go to a number of people who have helped it to take shape. First, to Tom Grant, who provided the content for three topics about which his knowledge outstripped our own: The Town, Norse Mythology and Skaldic Poetry. Second, to Dr Rebecca Thomas, for sharing her own expertise by writing the content of The Vikings in Wales. Thanks also go to Dr Joanne Shortt Butler and Dr Caitlin Ellis for drawing up bibliographies in the early stages of the project. We are also grateful to the University of Cambridge for providing funding which proved essential in allowing the project to move forward. Finally, our heartfelt thanks go to Professor Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, Dr Brittany Schorn, Dr Richard Dance, Jennifer Pollard and Lauren Lalej, without whose support, suggestions and guidance this project would not have been possible.

Ben and Jon

The expertise and research underlying these pages comes from the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge. The unique undergraduate degree course offered by the Department reflects the interdisciplinary skills which makes study of the early medieval period in Northwest Europe such a fascinating and compelling subject. The degree brings together history, languages and literature and manuscript studies (including palaeography and codicology). Students can pursue their individual interests by selecting from a range of subject areas including:

  • Anglo-Saxon England

  • Scandinavia in the Viking Age

  • The Brittonic-speaking peoples (Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Pictish Kingdoms and northern British Kingdoms)

  • The Gaelic-speaking peoples (Ireland, the Isle of Man and western Scotland)

  • Old English

  • Old Norse

  • Medieval Welsh

  • Medieval Irish

  • Insular Latin

  • Palaeography and Codicology


You can find out more about the course at the department’s website. Please continue to visit this site for a continuously expanding range of resources covering all of the areas we study. For any further queries or to share feedback about these pages, please contact

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