The Kingdom(s) of Norway

Reconstructed Viking boathouse at the Nordvegen History Centre on the island of Bukkøy, off Avaldsnes in south-western Norway. Photograph by Ben Allport.

For the first century of the Viking Age, very little is known about the events that were unfolding in Norway: instead, we are reliant on archaeological evidence to tell us about the landscape of power. It is likely that Norway was divided up into petty kingdoms that struggled with on another for dominance. What these kingdoms were, and who ruled them, we cannot know for certain. Instead, we are left to piece things together from much later sources. Most of what we know about the late ninth and tenth centuries comes from the sagas, including the information that has led us to the dates in the timeline below. It is not until end of the tenth century, when Norwegian rulers started to have a more significant impact on events beyond Scandinavia, that we start to get corroborative evidence.

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The Viking Age

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